Horse Myoglobin ELISA Test Kit

Product Number: ELISA-HMG-001

Pack Size

1 x 96 tests

The Biopanda Horse Myoglobin ELISA Test kit is a double sandwich enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) for the measurement of total myoglobin in Horse biological samples. Myoglobin is a protein found in the muscle tissues of animals and functions as an oxygen-storage unit, providing extra oxygen to release energy to power muscular contractions. Myoglobin is a sensitive marker for muscle injury and can be used as a marker for heart attacks.


The test kit for the detection of myoglobin in horse biological samples is designed in the format of a double sandwich ELISA. In this test system the myoglobin present in specimens will bind onto the wells of the microtiter plates supplied and pre-coated with horse myoglobin antibodies. The bound myoglobin is detected by using horseradish peroxidise (HRP) conjugated horse myoglobin antibodies, which in turn is visualised by adding TMB solution. Any coloured product is measured at 450 nm after adding stop solution. The quantity of bound HRP varies directly with the concentration of myoglobin in the tested specimen; thus, the absorbance, at 450nm, is a measure of the concentration of myoglobin in the test specimen. The quantity of myoglobin in the test specimen can be interpolated from the standard curve constructed from the standards and corrected for specimen dilution.

The ELISA kit is a non-radioactive, rapid assay that can be completed within 1 hour using simple colorimetric detection. The kit includes pre-coated and pre-blocked stabilised 96-well plate sealed in vacuum bags which can be separated into 8-well strips.

Storage Conditions

+ 2 - 8 °C

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