Canine Parvovirus Antibody Rapid Test

Product Number: RAPG-CPV-002

Pack size

10 tests

Product Description

The Biopanda Canine Parvovirus Antibody Rapid Test qualitatively detects Canine Parvovirus antibodies (CPV Ab) from a dog's serum or plasma specimen.

Test attributes

  • Results available in only 5 minutes
  • Easy to use
  • Results can be read visually
  • No need for an analyser
  • Cost effective method for assisting to diagnose Canine Parvovirus infections

Test procedure

  1. Collect a dog’s fresh whole blood sample and separate serum or plasma from blood as soon as possible to avoid haemolysis.
  2. Open the cassette from the foil pouch and position it on a flat, clean surface.
  3. Holding the pipette vertically, slowly drip 1 drop of the mixture into the specimen well on the cassette immediately followed by 2 drops of buffer. Start the timer.
  4. Read the results between 5-10 minutes. After 15 minutes results are considered invalid.
Canine Rapid Test Kit

Performance characteristics

  • Relative sensitivity: 96%
  • Relative specificity: 97.44%

Storage Conditions


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