HBV Combo Rapid Test

Product Number: RAPG-HBV-001

Pack size

10 tests

Product Description

The Biopanda HBV Combo Rapid Test qualitatively detects for the presence of Hepatitis B Surface Antigen (HBsAg), Hepatitis B Surface Antibody (HBsAb), Hepatitis B Envelope Antigen (HBeAg), Hepatitis B Envelope Antibody (HBeAb), and Hepatitis B Core Antibody (HBcAb), in serum or plasma. This test applies lateral flow immuno-chromatography and is for professional in vitro diagnostic use.

Test Attributes

  • Serum or plasma samples may be used for testing
  • Results available in only 15 minutes
  • Easy to use
  • Results can be read visually
  • No need for an analyser
  • Cost effective method for assisting in the detection of Hepatitis B infections

Test Procedure

  1. Ensure specimen and test kits are brought to room temperature before testing.
  2. Open the foil wrapped pouch and remove the cassette. Place on a flat, clean surface.
  3. Holding the pipette vertically add 3 drops (approx. 75 μl) of the serum or plasma sample into each sample well.
  4. Results should be read at 15 minutes.
  5. Results read after 20 minutes are considered invalid. Dispose of the cassette safely after testing.
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Performance Characteristics

Test Sensitivity Specificity Accuracy
HBsAG >99.9% 99.4% 99.7%
HBsAB >99.9% 99.4% 99.6%
HBeAg 99.9% 98.8% 99.1%
HBeAb 97.3% 97.9% 97.7%
HBcAb 97.8% 97.7% 97.8%

Storage Conditions

Store the kit between 2-30°C and ensure the kits are not frozen or stored in direct sunlight. The test is valid until the expiration date printed on the foil wrapping.

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