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HbA1c CE Marking

Product Number: RAPG-HbA1c-001

Pack size

10 tests

Product Description

The Biopanda HbA1c Point-Of-Care test applies colloidal gold immuno-chromatography to assist in the quantitative detection of HbA1c concentrations in whole blood samples. This test is a tool to monitor glycaemic control in diabetics. It is also used to assist in diagnosing people at risk of developing diabetes mellitus. This test is intended to be used with the FIA8000 Quantitative Immunoassay Analyzer.

Performance Characteristics

Measuring Range 2%-14%
Lower Detection Limit <= 2%
Within-Run Precision (n=10) <= 10%
Between-Run Precision <= 15%
Accuracy: verify with comparison experiments, the correlation coefficient r >= 0.990, the relative error <= 20%.

Storage Conditions

+4 - 8 °C

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