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Biopanda Allergen ELISA kits test for a wide range of allergens in human serum samples. These products are used to detect the level of human specific IgE, assisting health professionals in determining specific allergens affecting patients. Below is a list of Allergen tests we have available to order. We can produce individual allergen ELISA plates as well as mixed panel ELISA plates depending on our customer's needs. Please contact us for more information.


ELISA - Allergy Testing Phadia code Cat. Number KIT SIZE
Grass species
Common Ragweedw1ELISA-AGE-01196 tests
Humulus japonicusELISA-AGE-01296 tests
Tree species
Mulberry Treet70ELISA-AGE-01396 tests
Dermatophagoides pteronyssinusd1ELISA-AGE-00796 tests
Animal allergens
Cat Hair (Cat dander)e1ELISA-AGE-00896 tests
Dog Hair (Dog dander)e5ELISA-AGE-00996 tests
Cockroachi6ELISA-AGE-01496 tests
Beeff27ELISA-AGE-01596 tests
Lamb/Mutton f88 ELISA-AGE-01696 tests
Codfish f3 ELISA-AGE-01796 tests
Shrimp f24 ELISA-AGE-01896 tests
Crab f23 ELISA-AGE-01996 tests
Cow's milk f2 ELISA-AGE-02096 tests
Whole egg f245 ELISA-AGE-02196 tests
Egg white f1 ELISA-AGE-02296 tests
Egg yolk f75 ELISA-AGE-02396 tests
Soybean f75 ELISA-AGE-02496 tests
Peanut f13 ELISA-AGE-01096 tests
Wheat f4 ELISA-AGE-02596 tests
Corn f8 ELISA-AGE-02696 tests
Pineapple f72 ELISA-AGE-027 96 tests
Peach f124 ELISA-AGE-028 96 tests
Mushroom f212 ELISA-AGE-029 96 tests
Tomato f25 ELISA-AGE-030 96 tests
Grape f123 ELISA-AGE-031 96 tests
Banana f29 ELISA-AGE-032 96 tests
Apple f49 ELISA-AGE-033 96 tests
Carrot f31 ELISA-AGE-034 96 tests
Aubergine f262 ELISA-AGE-035 96 tests
Garlic f47 ELISA-AGE-036 96 tests
Carp   ELISA-AGE-037 96 tests
House dust h1 ELISA-AGE-03896 tests


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