Semi-Auto Chemistry Analyser CE Marking

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Product Model: BA-88A


. Endpoint,Fixed-time,Kinetics and Absorbance
. Wavelengths range 340 to 670nm
. 7.0" TFT touch screen and popup keypad
. External keyboard and mouse support via USB
. Up to 200 tests can be programmed
. Testing modes: flowcell and cuvette
. User-friendly interface
. Power-failure protection
. Universal power supply

Semi-Auto Chemistry Analyser mindray logo
Semi-Auto Chemistry Analyser

Straightforward software interface,
easy to get started!
Large LCD touch-screen,
clear and user-friendly
Two USB ports (2.0), for keyboard, mouse, printer

Semi-Auto Chemistry Analyser Simple parameters setup
Quick interchange between 4 temperature options
Support Bi-Chromatic tests
Semi-Auto Chemistry Analyser Multi-functional and comprehensive testing panel interface display
Real-time monitor of reaction curve/data and temperature change
Parameters can be reviewed in test panel

Semi-Auto Chemistry Analyser Semi-Auto Chemistry Analyser
Customizable patient infomation Capable of adding off-system test results Support K-factor programming
Support two testing modes: Flowcell or Cuvette; easy to shift between modes Easy maintenance: remove black cover to change lamp
Semi-Auto Chemistry Analyser

Technical Specification


ALT, AST, ALP, ACP, GGT, α-HBDH, LDH, CK, AMY.TG.TC, HDL-C, UA, UREA, Cr, Glu, TP, Alb, T-bil, D-Bil, TBA, NH4+ , HCO3-, Ca, Mg, Cl , Na, K, apoAI , apoB, Lp ( a ), C3, C4 , lgG, lgA, lgM, HbA1c, Alcohol, Amphetamines, Barbiturates, Benzodiazepine etc .

Analysis Method

Endpoint, with or without reagent blank Endpoint, with sample blank and reagent blank Kinetics, with or without reagent blank
Two-point Kinetics/Fixed-time, with or without reagent blank
Absorbance Turbidimetry
Linear and non-linear calibration

Light Source

Tungsten-halogen Iamp 6V/10W

Wavelength Range

Automatic by 8-position filter wheel
8 standard filters : 340nm , 405nm , 450nm , 510nm , 546nm , 578nm , 630nm and 670nm . Bandwidth < 8nm Stray light : < 0 . 1 % @ 340nm

Photometric Range

0~3.5 ABS
Stability : < 0 . 005A / 20min @ 340nm


Stainless steel with quartz window Measuring volume : 32 µl
Optical path : 10mm
Aspiration volume programmable : 200~9000 µl


Touch screen with touch pen and popup keypad Mouse or Keyboard via USB

Temperature Control

By means of Peltier elements
Room temperature , 25°C , 30 °C and °C


More than 3000 sample results More than 1000 QC results


Built-in thermal printer Support HP series


RS232 serial port supporting data transmission USB port (2. 0) for keyboard , mouse , printer

Operating Environment

Temperature :15°C~30°C
Humidity : 35.5~85%, no condensation

Power Requirement

Wide power supply : AC 100-240V, 50 / 60Hz


430mm x 360mm x 170mm ( L x W x H )


6.8 Kg

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