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BR-G8000 Handheld Quantitative Immunoassay Analyser CE Marking

Product Number: MET-QTT-001


BR-G8000 Handheld Immunoassay Analyser This handheld immunoassay analyser is designed for reading results of a variety of biomarkers including cardiac, inflammatory, thrombosis, fertility, renal, and other health monitoring biomarkers. This easy to use, handheld device performs a wide range of tests and aids health professionals in quick and accurate diagnosis and monitoring of patients. It is ideal for use in emergency departments, small hospital laboratories, GP surgeries, emergency home calls, and clinics that provide point of care diagnostics.


  • Fast – Results available in 5-20 minutes
  • BR-G8000 Handheld Immunoassay Analyser
  • Handheld– Light in weight, portable, and small in size
  • Reliable – Accurate detection of results
  • Multiple Tests – Cardiac, Inflammation monitoring, Diabetes mellitus, Fertility, Renal function etc.
  • Connectable – Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • Simple – Easy to operate

Product Application Product Code Kit Size
CRP For the detection of CRP in human serum or plasma samples RAPG-CRP-101 10 Tests
PCT For the detection of Procalcitonin in human serum or plasma samples RAPG-PCT-101 20 Tests
NTproBNP For the detection of NTproBNP in human serum or plasma samples RAPG-PBNP-101 20 Tests
D-dimer For the detection of D-dimer in human serum or plasma samples RAPG-DDM-101 20 Tests
cTnI For the detection of cardiac Troponin I in human serum or plasma samples RAPG-CTNI-101 20 Tests
Myoglobin For the detection of Myoglobin in human serum or plasma samples RAPG-MYO-101 20 Tests
CK-MB For the detection of CK-MB in human serum or plasma samples RAPG-CKMB-101 20 Tests
cTnI/CK-MB/Myo For the detection of Troponin I, CK-MB, and Myoglobin in serum or plasma RAPG-CTM-101 20 Tests
Ferritin For the detection of Ferritin in human serum or plasma samples RAPG-FER-101 20 Tests
CysC For the detection of Cystatin C in human serum or plasma samples RAPG-CYSC-101 20 Tests
β2-MG For the detection of β2-MG in human serum or plasma samples RAPG-B2MG-101 20 Tests
PSA For the detection of Prostate Specific Antigen in human serum or plasma RAPG-PSA-101 20 Tests
Microalbumin For the detection of Microalbumin in human serum or plasma RAPG-MAL-101 20 Tests
LH For the detection of luteinising hormone in human serum or plasma RAPG-LH-101 20 Tests

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